Machine accesories

intelligenta lösningar för byggpraxis,

isolering ock högeffektiv isoleringsmaskin

Machine accessories

Insulation blowing machines, amplifier vacuum stations and other X-Floc products can be handled and combined in many different ways. Some machines should be upgraded with additional optional depending on the application.

Reducer tubes

Reducer tubes are installed in the airlock outlet of the insulation blowing machine and make work with smaller conveyor hoses possible. The installation is possible in every X-Floc insulation blowing machine.

They are made of stainless steel. If the reducer tube is ordered together with a new machine the machine is tested with that (quality check). If you order a reducer tube later the airlock outlet may be reworked.

The following reducer tubes are available:

  • NW63>38 (2½" > 1½")
  • NW63>50 (2½" > 2")
  • NW75>50 (3" > 2")
  • NW75>63 (3" > 2½")

Remote controls

Our remote controls for insulation blowing

machines have a high transmission security

and bidirectional digital radio technology. They

offer precise and individual adjustment options,

have a low weight and a handy box design.

All insulation blowing machines can be equipped

with the remote controls (FFB2000-Pro and

FFB400). We also make modifications for

machines of other manufactureres for using

a X-Floc remote control.

For our pneumatic fibre switch we provide the FFB2. With this remote control an amplifier/vacuum station, another attachment device or a foreign machine can be controlled.

Exhibition models

Exhibitions models provide presentation or

the blowing insulation technique on fairs,

seminars and demonstrations.  Our exhibition

models are compatible to the insulation

blowing machines of the series M99, M95

and EM300.

  • Impressive with big viewing glass
  • Dust-free and quiet operating
  • Simplest use
  • Convenient for cellulose and wood fibre and free flowing bulk material

Support for bags

Support for bags and dust-reducing covers make feeding of an insulation blowing machine easy. The dust-reducing cover keeps the feeding area nearly dust-free. If needed a dust extraction system can be installed.

We have solutions for all compact machines. Bigger machines are already equipped with these options.

The following solutions are available:

  • EM100 support for bags
  • M99 support for bags
  • M95 dust-reducing covers: 2 models with strip curtains

Manual controls with cable

X-Floc insulation blowing machines and other machines can be equipped with cable controls. The use of such controls can be neccessary on building sites with difficult radio conditions.

We provide three manual controls with cable: KFB3, KFB30 and KFB2000. We also have suitable extensions cables in our range

Suction drum

Our suction drums can be used for cleaning of the building site. They are combinable with amplifier/vacuum stations or insulation blowing machines which can aspirate at the suction hood. The removal or old building materials, filling or insulation material is also done with that.

Another application is as a waste hold-up tank for dust extraction at a insulation blowing machine.

We provide the volumes 115 L and 250 L. The suction drums are delivered with suitable woven polypropylene sacks and connection pieces.

More accessories and upgrade options

We have a wide range of machine accessories and upgrade options which we don't not show completely here.

You find an overview of these products in our delivery list >>>