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EMX250 special insulation blowing machine

  • Flexible material flow volume control
  • Constant flow of material
  • Tough design
  • Handy dimensions and high mobility
  • Generous performance

The EMX250 series stands out with very good controllable flow of material and a high flexibility relating to processing materials. With this machine many licensed blowing insulation materials can be processed. For example we can name cellulose, mineral wool, composites, flameproof coatings and similar materials. Also special materials like straw, shives or glumes can be processed.

The machine has two light current connections.

The dimensions of the machine are designed for easy handling in buildings, lifts, corridors et cetera. The big castor wheel solve the problem of barriers like doors, steps, doorsteps or bumpy grounds.

The EMX250 has a combination of preliminary shredding and volumetric dosing unit which is built up with a conveying screw and a fast rotating shredder unit for the fine preparation. The airlock is made of heavy-walled steel and has a high abrasive wear firmness. The fast rotating airlock with 8 chambers ensures a constant flow of material.

The speed of the conveying screw can be adjusted steplessly in a vast area. By the pre-selection of different gear reductions the conveying speed can be adjusted nearly unlimited for every material.

The generous configured air power is produced by radial compressors. It has buffer for all applications.

The machine can be controlled directly from the injection location optionally with cable or remote control.

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