Hoses connectors

intelligenta lösningar för byggpraxis,

isolering ock högeffektiv isoleringsmaskin

Hoses and connectors

Hoses and connectors are essential part of blowing injection equipment. We differ between conveyor and injection hoses. We provide those in different diameters. All thinkable conveying lines and switches can be build with our hose connectors, hose clamps, y-pieces and fibre switches.

Conveyor hoses and injection hoses

The blow-in pro distinguishes between injection and conveyor hoses. Injection hoses are available in two classes of rigidity: Red injection hoses are a bit more stiff as the blue ones. Both have a good ability for insertion in stud cavities. Their flexural properties make a good channel in the cavity possible and they can be moved over barriers thereby.

The more flexible blue injection hose is easier to handle in winter temperatures. The smaller bending radius allows the insertion elements with little insulation thicknesses. The chequered design at the inside of the hose loosens the insulation material more up. This raises the productivity of the insulation material.

Conveyor hoses are napless at the inside and comparatively soft. They are generally used to bridge distances between machine and injection hose. In particular cases they can also be used for injection. The conveyor hose is also available with a stranded copper wire and can be grounded against electrostatic charge.

High-strength conveyor hoses have a thick wall and a spiral shielding made of steel. The wear considerable moderate with abrasive materials than the conventional injection or conveyor hoses.

You find more information in our product data sheet.


Our connectors provide solutions for all thinkable conveyor lines and hose switches in combination with a fibre switch. They are adjusted to our hoses, insulation blowing machines and attachment devices. They ensure perfect hold and transport free from errors.


  • Hose connectors
  • Hose clamps as fixation of all connectors
  • Reducer tube connectors for change of hose diameter
  • Y-piecs for induction of amplifier air flow
  • Y-tubes for hook-ups of two insulation blowing machines
  • Glass fibre rods for stiffing of injection hoses
  • Quick connectors for fast hose changes

Fibre switches

Fibre switches allow serial working with multiple prepared injection lines. Fast switches between blowing injection and aspiration mode with an insulation blowing machine or an amplifier/vacuum station with suction drum are no problem using a revolver or a pneumatic fibre switch.

A fibre switch can pre-installed in your transport vehicles or X-Floc insulation blowing mobile. With only one hand movement switches are done comfortably

Special set-ups can be installed – for example: Fast aspiration of blockages in the conveyor line.

Furthermore multiple fibre switches can be combined. Such systems can bring many advantages in big projects or in stationary element filling.

Hose reels

Flexible and space-saving, the powder-coated steel frame and ball bearing-supported reel is ideal for winding up and unwinding your hoses. Reduced setup times

  • Quick and tidy storage
  • Large storage capacity
  • Reel-lock function
  • Suitable for mobile use, or alternatively can be fixed to the floor or wall-mounted.

Hose sets

Every blowing injection method has its own demands to hose lines. Also insulation blowing machines have different airlock outlet diameters. When you use an amplifier/vacuum station you need some short hose pieces, a y-piece and if necessary a control cable.

For these reasons we offer hose sets for every machine type and blowing injection method.