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M99 Minifant insulation blowing machine

  • Compact starter machine
  • Tough design
  • High mobility
  • Building site suited tyres
  • Maintainability

The M99 Minifant series stands out with its versatility relating to processing materials. With this machine many licensed blowing insulation materials can be processed. For instance cellulose, , mineral wool, granules or bulk materials.

The machine can be provided with light current.

The M99 has a strong conditioning unit with one layer. The conditioning results for cellulose or glass wool are very good.

The material is transported to the air lock afterwards and is blown out from there. The material amount can be dosed with the airlock feed gate.

The stainless steel made air lock with ventilation distinguisheshas the same quality like in a big machine. It stands out with a very good sealing while having small loss of pressure and high processing speed.

The air feed unit is equipped with high-powered radial compressors.

The following configurations are available:

  • M99-230V/3,6kW
  • M99-DS-230V/3,6kW: With control for the rotational speed of the airlock and the conditioning unit
  • M99-DS-Pro-230V/3,6kW: With comfortable remote control FFB2000-Pro and control of the airlock rotational speed plus conditioning unit

Air and material flow of M99 and M99-DS can be activated with FFB400. With M99-DS-Pro plus FFB2000-Pro you have the additonal option to control the strength of the air and material flow (airlock speed).

Imortant features:

  • Tough design
  • Performance in the professional field
  • Ergonomics
  • Filling comfort with optional support for bags
  • Comfortable filling height
  • Small weight
  • High mobility
  • Tyres for the building site
  • Maintainability
  • Good accessibilty of all machine elements by modular design

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