x-floc industrial insulation

intelligenta lösningar för byggpraxis,

isolering ock högeffektiv isoleringsmaskin

Element filling systems

Based on the EP1050 insulation blowing plate, GBF1050 bale conditioning system and M400 insulation blowing machine

  • Suitable for many loose thermal insulation materials
  • Adjustable density
  • Adjustable filling excess height
  • Scalable modular system

The X-Floc system components make the processing of a big amount of insulation blowing materials possible.

The following classes are included for example: Cellulose, wood fibre, glass wool, rock wool and also composite materials.

GBF1050 and EM400

The insulation blowing material will be delivered in big bags and will be preliminary shredded with the GBF1050 bale conditioning system. The high-power insulation blowing machine EM400 completes the fine preparation and the pneumatic transport through the conveyor hose.

EP1050 insulation blowing plate

EP1050 is an injection module for automatic element filling with loose insulation material.

  • Convenient for all licensed blowing insulation materials
  • Installation density can be adjusted in wide areas
  • Individual adaptability of the filling process with memory function
  • System can be adjusted for any element geometry
  • Modular construction method: Nozzle amount and material switch configuration according to your needs
  • Positioning with customers crane system or with optional individual gantry crane
  • Short clock cycles achievable
  • Extension with gantry arm robot possible

Compatible blowing insulation materials

Cellulose insulation materials:

Isofloc L, Isofloc LW, isofloc LM, Dämmstatt, Finefloc, Climacell, Pavafloc, Climatizer Plus, isodan CI 040, Thermofloc, Unifloc, Isocell, Wolfinger Dämmzellulose, Austrozell, Ekofiber, Bellouate, Cellisol, Isol’quate,  Klima-Tec-Flock, Poesis-Floc, Biocell, NR Gaia, Univercell, Ouateco, Warmcell, Biocell, Icell, Isofiber, Termex, Selluvilla, Ekovilla, Cellaouate, Isoprof, Franceouate, Ecocel, Nesocell, Ecovata, Greenfiber, Cel-Pak, Arctic Fiber, Mono-Therm, Norhern Fiber, United Fibers, Igloo, Iglu, Applegate, EC cellulose, Forest wool, Nu-Wool, Fiberlite, Advanced Fibre cellulose, Champion, Zellofix, AislaNat, etc.

Woodfibre insulation materials:

isofloc woodfiber, Steicozell, Thermofibre, Thermocell,

Termoträ, Jasmin, HOIZ, etc.

Mineral fibre insulation materials (glass wool or rock wool):

Rockwool, Ecofibre BLT3 – BLT5 – BLT9, Paroc BLT7, Supafil Wall 034, Supafil Loft 045, Greenguard, Comblissimo, Rathifloc, Astratherm, Isomat, Teko-Flock, Indi-Flock, Dossolan Thermique, Fibrexpan, Ecofibre KD, Tecwool F, Projiso etc.

Mineral granules:

SLS20, Hyperlite, Hyperdämm, Thermoperl, Thermofill S – S40, Bachl Perlite, Perli-Fil,l, Perlifill-F, Extraperl H4,  Fillrock KD, Isomat ISG, Liapor, etc.

Other insulation materials:

Neptutherm (sea weed), Agricell (weed), Aerogel (nano gel), Durolan, Duroperl 35, HDW ED (hemp), etc.