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EM 500 insulation blowing machine

  • Very high performance
  • Excellent handling
  • Ergonomic filling by horizontal band-conveyor
  • Reduced dust emissions by strip curtains
  • Flexible parameter adjustments

The EM500 series is stands out by a very high processing speed. With this machine many licensed insulation blowing materials can be processed. For instance cellulose, wood fibre, rock wool or glass wool.

The machine is provided with three-phase current.

The EM500 has a strong conditioning unit with two active layers. The material is feeded by a horizontal band-conveyor. This is in a very comfortable height which makes feeding enormously easy.

The combination of continuous feeding band-coveyor and the strong conditioning makes huge performance possible.

The stainless steel made air lock with ventilation distinguishes itself with a very good sealing with small loss of pressure and high processing speed. The high air power is generated by multi-level turbine.

All important machine settings can be adjusted from the injection point with the cable or the remote control.

Compatible blowing insulation materials

The EM300 insulation blowing machine has a very high compatibilty concerning to insulation materials. The following materials can be applied:

Cellulose insulation materials:

Isofloc L, Isofloc LW, isofloc LM, Dämmstatt, Finefloc, Climacell, Pavafloc, Climatizer Plus, isodan CI 040, Thermofloc, Unifloc, Isocell, Wolfinger Dämmzellulose, Austrozell, Ekofiber, Bellouate, Cellisol, Isol’quate,  Klima-Tec-Flock, Poesis-Floc, Biocell, NR Gaia, Univercell, Ouateco, Warmcell, Biocell, Icell, Isofiber, Termex, Selluvilla, Ekovilla, Cellaouate, Isoprof, Franceouate, Ecocel, Nesocell, Ecovata, Greenfiber, Cel-Pak, Arctic Fiber, Mono-Therm, Norhern Fiber, United Fibers, Igloo, Iglu, Applegate, EC cellulose, Forest wool, Nu-Wool, Fiberlite, Advanced Fibre cellulose, Champion, Zellofix, AislaNat, etc.

Woodfibre insulation materials:

isofloc woodfiber, Steicozell, Thermofibre, Thermocell,

Termoträ, Jasmin, HOIZ, etc.

Mineral fibre insulation materials (glass wool or rock wool):

Rockwool, Ecofibre BLT3 – BLT5 – BLT9, Paroc BLT7, Supafil Wall 034, Supafil Loft 045, Greenguard, Comblissimo, Rathifloc, Astratherm, Isomat, Teko-Flock, Indi-Flock, Dossolan Thermique, Fibrexpan, Ecofibre KD, Tecwool F, Projiso etc.

Mineral granules:

SLS20, Hyperlite, Hyperdämm, Thermoperl, Thermofill S – S40, Bachl Perlite, Perli-Fil,l, Perlifill-F, Extraperl H4,  Fillrock KD, Isomat ISG, Liapor, etc.

EPS granules:

isofloc pearl, Rigibead, HK35, HK33, Neopor, Joma Perl, Rathipur KD,  Bodiflock XPS, EASY-FILL 034 – 033, DämmPerl 035, Granublow 035, etc.

Other insulation materials:

Neptutherm (sea weed), Agricell (weed), Aerogel (nano gel), Durolan, Duroperl 35, HDW ED (hemp), etc.

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